About the dialogue


We need a clear vision of what the Edinburgh of 2050 should be like, for its residents, its businesses and its visitors. Building this vision will give us an opportunity to think about the long term future of our city and create a meaningful, statement of the kind of city Edinburgh aspires to be. We want a vision that is specific to Edinburgh, bringing together everyone with an interest in the city, and unlocking the creative potential of all partners.


This Dialogue is being run by public, private and third sector organisations in Edinburgh; who are working together to create a shared vision that everyone supports.

The site is being moderated by staff from the City of Edinburgh Council.


The Dialogue will remain open until March 2017. Partner organisations will receive initial feedback in December, but a vision will continue to be worked on until summer 2017.

We’ll come back to the public using edinburgh.org/2050 in summer 2017 with a vision document. Following this final feedback, major stakeholders will be invited to endorse the document in late summer 2017.