Business and work is a very broad theme, which could include your job, your career, the choices and opportunities you have, and the challenges you see in creating or maintaining a successful business.

The Edinburgh economy is largely service-based, with a major financial hub and a large tourism and hospitality sector. The city has low unemployment – tracking consistently below the Scottish unemployment level – and has high average wages when compared to other UK cities.

Edinburgh offers unique benefits for employers and employees through the co-location of a thriving cultural city in which people want to live, a strong education and skills development infrastructure and a business environment already home to many small, medium and large enterprises. By building on these strengths, Edinburgh can secure quality employment for residents and provide endless opportunities for innovators.


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  • What is great about your work, career choices, and business opportunities in Edinburgh?
  • What could be better to help your work, career or business?
  • What should the business environment be like in Edinburgh in 2050?

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