A community is a social unit who share something in common. This is often a sense of shared ownership or belonging to a place, but there are also communities of shared interests, values and identity. Individuals may be members of many different communities at the same time.

Only 70% of Edinburgh’s residents were born in the city – the lowest percentage of any Scottish Local Authority area. As an education and enterprise hub, many people come to Edinburgh for university or work and stay sometimes briefly, sometimes for their whole lives. Edinburgh is also significantly more diverse than any other Scottish city, with more people living here who were born outside of the UK.

Better community engagement and participation leads to the delivery of better, more responsive services and better outcomes for communities. Where communities are empowered we would expect to see:  local democratic participation boosted; increased confidence and skills among local people; higher numbers of people volunteering in their communities; and more satisfaction with quality of life in a local neighbourhood.



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  • What is great about the Edinburgh communities you are part of?
  • What could be done to strengthen, protect and empowering communities in Edinburgh?
  • What do Edinburgh’s communities look and feel like in 2050?

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