Culture is a broad theme, which includes all arts and creative industries including literature, music, theatre and dance. It is also about our shared identity as a people – what it means to live in Edinburgh and what makes the people of the city distinctive.

Edinburgh has a long history of making a contribution to literature and was the first UNESCO City of Literature. Every year we host the world’s largest art festival and the world’s largest winter festival. Edinburgh’s architecture, history and continued cultural innovation make the city the second most popular tourist destination in the UK after London.

Both culture and tourism provide significant employment in Edinburgh. But aside from the financial benefits, they enrich our lives, make us feel connected to the rest of the world, and create a positive environment where the next generation of artists, writers and performers can flourish.


We want you to tell us...

  • What is great about culture and tourism in Edinburgh now?
  • What parts of culture or tourism need to be improved?
  • What should culture and tourism be like in Edinburgh in 2050?

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