The health theme includes every aspect of physical, mental and social health ranging from long-term or chronic conditions such as asthma and dementia, as well as short term illnesses and accidents.

Life expectancy in Edinburgh is above the national average (75.9 years for men, 80.9 years for women). People in Edinburgh are living longer than ever before and enjoy more years of good health, however more people are also living a long time with complex health issues.

Health impacts on the quality of life for both individuals and the whole community. Poor health and disability can cause individuals to feel excluded and worth less than other people. Managing health and minimising health issues can help individuals be happier and more productive, while ensuring people with long-term and chronic conditions are respected and included can create a better society for everyone.


We want you to tell us...

  • What about Edinburgh supports people to live healthy lives?
  • What could be better in Edinburgh to help people have improved physical and mental health?
  • What should a healthy Edinburgh be like in 2050?

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