The transport theme covers every way people move into and around Edinburgh – public and private transport, walking and cycling, and international travel. We want to have a discussion about the type and quality of transport that people in Edinburgh will use in 2050.

Edinburgh is a major transport hub for air and rail, but has one of the lowest proportions of people driving to work of any large city in the UK.  Edinburgh has a higher proportion of people who cycle and take the bus to work than anywhere else in Scotland and Edinburgh ranks first among UK cities in terms of bus travel.

Good transport systems are an essential part of safe, clean and affordable transport for development.  From a social perspective, public transport is often the only means of transport for some people and so without it, they would be less capable of accessing good quality work, education, healthcare and recreation.


We want you to tell us...

  • What is great about transport in Edinburgh?
  • What could be better about transport in Edinburgh?
  • What should transport in Edinburgh look like in 2050?

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