For the city vision, we think of young people as being anyone under the age of 25. This is a very large group of people with diverse needs and ambitions. Young people are the most important group for the city vision because in 2050, today’s young people will be leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and innovators in every walk of life.

The population of Edinburgh is increasing at a much faster rate than the rest of Scotland and much of that growth will be in the youngest age groups. Edinburgh has a large education sector, including four universities, and a number of colleges and public schools, all of which attract students from around the world.

Making Edinburgh a great city for young people will ensure that future generations are healthy, happy and able to enjoy their lives. Children who grow up with great care, support, experiences and opportunities will become confident individuals, effective contributors, and responsible citizens.


We want you to tell us...

  • What is great about Edinburgh for young people now?
  • What needs to be improved so that young people in Edinburgh are given the best chance of fulfilling their potential?
  • What should Edinburgh be like for young people in 2050?

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